Web Design Trends 2015


The end of the 2014 is nearly here and this means that your inbox is probably being flooded with ‘2015 Trends’. If it isn’t then just take a look at Twitter and you’ll see what we mean.

We’ve seen loads of ‘Web Design Trends’ being blasted over social media and some are really good, whilst others aren’t! The difference with web design is that your client (in most cases) has the final word on the design, so it’s all well and good creating these trends but they need to be based on your actual experiences with customers.

With that in mind, we’ve created our own top five. This isn’t guess work, it’s based on our own experiences.

It doesn’t include ‘responsive design’ as this isn’t a trend, it’s essential for most which is here to stay!

  1. Scrolling

This is the big one! It’s going to be huge in 2015 & you must not get left behind.

We used to be nations of ‘clickers’ and everyone always said, place your most relevant content ‘above the fold’. But we’re now nations of ‘scrollers’ and the term ‘above the fold’ is dead. Ever since the mouse gained the scrolling wheel, clicking has been loosing the battle!

We expect to see websites with extra long homepages that require the viewer to scroll down for the info they’re looking for, rather than clicking the menu options. In some cases the menu bar will be dropped alltogether or placed in the page footer.

The extra long pages will have ‘Ghost Buttons’  instead of menus (see number three) and ‘Microinteractions’ (see number five) to provide the viewer with the info they require.

  1. Parallax Scrolling

This is already out there but is gaining popularity fast. We think it may be a phase but it’s certainly going to mix things up next year. It also fits in very well with ‘Scrolling Pages’

Parallax Scrolling is where the background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth & this can really engage the viewer. Our favourite example is:


It’s not easy to code but it can be added to a wesbite by using html snippets, meaning you can use other software to create the code and then simply upload it to your website.

  1. Ghost Buttons

These are great and really provide an alturnative to your button, in some case they are being used as an alturnative to having a menu bar. These are classy, minimalist and are usually placed over the top of large background images. You can see some cool examples here:


  1. Flat Design

Already really popular this trend is definitely here for 2015 and will only gain popularity.

By incorporating a scrolling effect and keeping the design flat and minimalist, your website design will engage the viewer, giving them a clutter free experience.

  1. Microinteractions

These are common place on most blogs, popping up to distract you half way down the page. They can be annoying, but we expect them to jump from blogs to homepages in 2015. If used together with an extra-long homepage, they can prompt the user to move elsewhere within the website without seeming like an annoying popup!


All the trends listed here aren’t new, they’re already here but it takes time for change, for people to move away from complex websites and go for minimal flat designs. To some the idea of a one page menu less website maybe a little extreme, but we’re confident this is what the web design industry will be moving towards in 2015.

Make sure you’re ready for the changes, check that your software can cope and learn where you can create and upload via HTML Snippets. This will save a great deal of time and money, as opposed to getting left behind!


Parallax Scrolling Made Easy!

Parallax Image

The internet is forever changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. The latest craze which looks set to be massive in 2015 is something called PARALLAX SCROLLING. It’s been around a while, but recently we’ve seen some really cool examples, our favourite being The Royal British Legion webite.

Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique in computer graphics, wherein background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D video game and adding to the immersion.

It’s looks complicated and it can be. Something like the British Legion webstie would have been a big job, requiring a lot of code. But Fareham Website Design are always up for a challenge….

The first thing we did was speak to our software provider and other users. What we heard back was ‘it’s too difficult’ or ‘it’s just a phase’ or ‘please add to our requested feature list’. None of which were the answers we wanted!

So, we set out on lonely search of the interweb looking for someone who could provide us this feature and enable us to emded the code.

We’ve found a few sites explaining how to code Parallax but we wanted to create and embed the code via HTML Snippets. Our software uses HTML5 which is great because it means we can create complex pieces of code elsewhere and then simply upload them to our websites! So we kept on looking until we found…..


This website is great and really simple to use. Here you can create your own Parallax Scrolling effect without needing to understand any code at all! You can use your own images or some of the simple ones already provided. It takes a little while to get used to it and I recommend that you read the instructions but overall this is a great free website where you can create your very own parallax scrolling effects.

After creating the effect simply click ‘get embed code’ and then upload it to your website. The easiest way to do this is via HTML Snippet. If your software allows for this.

Another really handy thing about this tool is, that if this is just a phase, you can easily remove it from your website in 2016 🙂

Page Rank Pitfalls

Page Rank Image

If you haven’t heard of PR (Page Rank) then it’s definitely time you found out!

Page Rank is something that every website / domain name is given by Google. It ranges from 1 to 10 and you can find out your PR rank here: http://checkpagerank.net/

Most domains have a page rank of between 1 and 3. Some of you may be lucky enough to have something a little higher, normally because you’ve purchased a ‘premium domain’ that already had a high PR.

Websites / Domains such as Google and Twitter have a very high PR of 10. For the normal person this is pretty much impossible to do. You would need a website with literally hundreds of pages and fresh relevant content, as well as an astronomical amount of daily hits and back links! A good example is wordpress.com which has a PR of 9 and an amazing seven hundred and sixty-three million, four hundred and fifty thousand, six hundred and seventy-four backlinks! Which realistically you wont achieve, no matter how hard you try! But all is not lost….

Instead of worrying too much about the PR your domain actually has, you need to use other websites high page rank to your own advantage! You see, if you can get a back link from a high PR domain it is worth it’s weight in gold to your own site…

Not all back links are the same you see. Many of you will have worked really hard to find hundreds of back links for your website and that’s great, but if all of those back links are from domains with a very low PR then it’s not going to do a lot for your Google position.

What you need to focus on is finding websites with a PR of above 5 and then find a way of getting a link back to your own domain. Studies suggest that one PR5 backlink could be worth at least 100 PR1 links, so just imagine how great it would be if you found a way to link back from a site with a rank of 7 or 8! It could literally jump your listing to page one (depending on your business and competition).

However it’s not quite as straight forward as it sounds and this is because Google also assigns each page within a website it’s own PR. Therefore if you find a PR5 site, you also need to check that the page your actual link is placed also has a high PR. Otherwise your hard work could have been for nothing!

This all sounds complex but it can be done and it will help you achieve the search engine position you dream of! At farehamwebsitedesign.co.uk we specialize in helping you find these domains and can help you avoid placing your links in unwanted places!

Google Loves Backlinks

Eye Image

This is the first in a set of blog posts relating to Google and how to get where you want to be. Which for most of us is page 1 either locally or full stop!

Getting to page one is not an exact science and there are many factors and even more opinions on how you can get there. Some will say it takes time and luck but most will tell you how much they’ll charge and even then, there is no guarantee (White Hat or Black Hat) that you’ll get there!

Many of you reading this, will actually only need to get  to page one locally – this means when someone searches for your trade and then the location i.e. Web Design Portsmouth or Eye Lash Extensions Fareham etc. This isn’t actually hard to achieve unless you’re looking to place well in a location like London and you can do this yourself, fairly easily – Look out for a blog post on this soon!

But todays post is about the dreaded backlinks and there are literally thousands of business out there that will offer you 300 backlinks for a tenner or 3000 backlinks for £99 etc. We’ve all seen the ads and many will have used them and I’m not saying it’s all bad but by buying these you have no way of telling where your backlink is being placed! This isn’t good, for example you may want a certain type of customer and yet your website could end up listed on adult sites and once it’s done, then it’s very hard (excuse the pun) to fix it!

Not all backlinks are the same, as every website has something called a page rank (PR) from 1 to 10 and the higher the better. You could pay to be submitted to 1,000 websites and this may help with your SEO but they could all be low PR websites with little or no kudos when it comes to Google. Whereas doing backlinks properly and finding 20 PR 6/7 ranked sites would have the same or possibly more impact on Google placement.

It gets even more complex than this, but stay with me! Each website has a PR rank but also each page does to so you may think you’ve found some good ones or someone that says they can get you some good backlinks but be careful as it might be that the page your link is going on has a low PR rank even if the website has a high one! You can check out Page Ranks here for free.

The world of backlinks is a minefield but its fun as well, when you create something your proud of and you watch it creep up the Google Rankings but it’s about trial and error or having someone in the know who can help you achieve your goals so don’t forget to check out our SEO services. We don’t make silly guarantees but we’re very good at what we do.

We currently have Premium Hunter on page two worldwide when searching ‘discount life insurance’ –  Life Insurance is one of this toughest key words to crack! We did this manually and as a tester through good content and SEO practice but we do offer backlink submission services so contact us for more info.

Thanks for reading – Keep checking back for further updates.